CSC 223 — Authoring for the Web

Course Schedule

The following is the planned schedule for the course. Assignments and due dates are subject to change, so be sure to attend class so you don't miss any important announcements.

Here is a short guide on how to get help when you're stuck.

Course Rhythm

Unless otherwise specified, the class will use the following schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays

Pre-class Reading

Prior to arriving to class on Monday, you should have read the assigned reading. All "HTML" readings come from HTML & CSS - design and build websites. All "JavaScript" readings come from JavaScript & JQuery - interactive front-end web development

Links are provided below for readings not found in the text.


At the start of class, you'll take an Individual Readiness Assessment Test on the reading material. After those are collected, you'll take a Team-Based Readiness Assessment Test on the same material (with the same questions). Then, we'll discuss questions as a class, and discuss a relevant case study.

Note that IRAT and TRAT quizzes are meant to gauge your readiness for the class discussion. As such, they cannot be taken late.

If a student or team answers an IRAT/TRAT question incorrectly, but feels that their answer is just as good or better than the provided answer, they may submit a one-paragraph appeal in writing by the end of the day, explaining their position and citing relevant sources.

Note that reading quizzes are meant to gauge your readiness for the class discussion. As such, they cannot be taken late.

Team Activities

Following the quizzes, we'll have a variety of team-based activities, class-discussions, and demos related to the topic of the week.

Fridays - Assignment Walk-through

On Fridays we'll discuss the assignment for the week and walk-through some of the trickier aspects of the work. Each coding assignment is due by Saturday night at 11:30 PM.

When submitting assignments, please submit a link to the GitHub pages site where the published work can be found.


Week Topic Monday Reading Wednesday Reading Coding Assignment
1 Introduction - HTML Introduction & Ch 1 Github Pages Hello World
2 Text, Lists, and Links No Class HTML Ch 2, 3, and 4 Assignment Home Page
3 Images, and Tables HTML Ch 5, Picture This HTML Ch 6 Bio Page
4 Forms, Divs, and Audio/Video HTML Ch 7 HTML Ch 8 and 9 Contact Form
5 CSS Intro HTML Ch 10 and 11 HTML Ch 12, Google Fonts Site-wide CSS
6 CSS Layout HTML Ch 13 HTML Ch 14 and 15 Portfolio Page
7 CSS Formatting HTML Ch 16 HTML Ch 17, 18, FontAwesome How-to Articles
8 Responsive Design Guide to Responsive Design Responsive Design Responsive Landing Page
9 Intro to Programming JavaScript Intro, Ch 1 - Dynamic Copyright
10 Intro to JavaScript JavaScript Ch 2 - Random Customer Testimonial
11 Functions, Methods, & Objects JavaScript Ch 3 - Selecting Elements
12 Loops and the DOM JavaScript Ch 4 and 5 - Scripted Product List
13 Events JavaScript Ch 6 No Class No Class
14 JQuery JavaScript Ch 7 - Image Lightbox
15 Bootstrap What is Bootstrap - Bootstrap Page
Finals Final Exam - - -