CSC 352

Game Development

Course Schedule

The following is the planned schedule for the course. Assignments and due dates are subject to change, so be sure to attend class so you don't miss any important announcements.

Here is a short guide on how to get help when you're stuck.

Unless otherwise specified, weekly coding assignments are due by Saturday night at 11:30 PM.


Week Topic Reading Coding Assignment
0 Introduction Lecture Notes, GPP Chapter I C++ Coding Setup
1 Design Patterns Command Pattern Code, v2, Flyweight Code GPP Chapter II Text Adventure Game
2 Sequencing Patterns SFML Demo Code, GPP Chapter III Spaceship Game
3 Behavioral and Decoupling Patterns SFL Demo Code 2, GPP Chapter IV and V Spaceship Autopilot
4 Optimization Patterns GPP Chapter VI Platform Game
5 Gaming Math Primer - Midterm 1
6 Gaming Physics Primer / Unity Intro - Unity Basics Tutorials
7 Unity Basics 1 UM: Main Windows, UM: Creating Gameplay Roll-a-Ball
8 Unity Basics 2 UM: Scripting Unity Tutorial of Choice
10 Unity Basics 3 UM: Physics, UM: Scripting Project Plan
11 Project Work - -
12 Project Work - -
13 Project Work - Milestone Report
14 Project Work - -
15 Project Work - Project Report and Project Upload
Finals Project Demo - -