CSC 352

Game Development


The last quarter of the course will be dedicated to a final project of the student's choosing. The guidelines for this project are as follows:

  1. The project must be a game created with the Unity Game Engine.

  2. The game must adhere to the ESRB C, E, or E10+ rating guidelines.

  3. Any game within the above guidelines are allowed, however 10% extra credit will be given to project proposals which the instructor deems fall within the scope of Serious Games designed to provide a service other than pure entertainment.

Some examples of "serious games" can be found here and here.

Project Structure

The project is broken down into three components:

1. The Project Proposal

You will submit a Game Design Document describing your game proposal. Use this template for your proposal. Pages version

2. Milestone Report

The milestone report lists all of the requirements you proposed for your milestone and the progress you made on them up to this point. For any requirements you didn't complete, it also contains a brief explanation as to what went wrong, and your plans for getting back on schedule.

Use this template for your milestone report. Pages version

3. Final Report

The final project report serves as a postmortem of your experience. Use this template for your final report. Pages version