CSC 210

Advanced Authoring for the Web

Course Schedule

The following is the planned schedule for the course. Assignments and due dates are subject to change, so be sure to attend class so you don't miss any important announcements.

Here is a short guide on how to get help when you're stuck.

Class Meetings

Class meetings will typically follow this schedule:


We'll start with a question and answer session, then discuss the topic of the week.


We'll start with a question and answer session, then we'll have a standup meeting where each student will have exactly three minutes to answer the following questions:

  1. What you have accomplished on your project since the last meeting?
  2. What you plan to work on between now and the next meeting?
  3. What obstacles are you running into that are preventing you from accomplishing your plan?

After the standup meetings, students may work on their projects, and are encouraged to work together to help one another resolve obstacles they've encountered.

Staying on Track

In project-based classes, especially those that are self-paced, it can be easy to get off track. To help you avoid putting everything off until the end, the following schedule shows an ideal pace for a student to follow, assuming they are trying to earn an A.

Week Goal
1 Begin PHP Training
2 Finish PHP Training
3 Finalize Project Proposal
4 -
5 Complete Project Milestone 1
6 -
7 Complete Project Core Features
8 Complete Advanced JavaScript Training
9 Complete NodeJS Training
10 Complete Express Training
11 Finalize NodeJS Proposal
12 -
13 Complete NodeJS Project Milestone 1
14 -
15 Complete NodeJS Project Core Features
Finals Project Demos


Here are the instructions for each assignment. Please note that you can't move on to the next assignment until the instructor as approved your previous submission.

  1. PHP Training
  2. PHP Project Proposal
  3. PHP Project Submission
  4. NodeJS Training
  5. NodeJS Project Proposal
  6. NodeJS Project Submission

Lecture Topics

The following are the planned topics of discussion for our Monday class meetings. The astute reader will note that they map pretty closely to the ideal "I want to earn an A" schedule outlined above.

Week Topic
1 The Dynamic Web / Local Tools
2 PHP Basics
3 PHP and Session State
4 PHP and Databases
5 PHP and Security
7 Basic JavaScript Review
8 Advanced JavaScript
10 NodeJS Basics
11 NodeJS and Express
12 NodeJS and Session State
13 NodeJS and Databases
14 NodeJS and Security
15 State of the Web
Finals Project Demos